• payment must be made in full before the course date.
  • all courses are non refundable or transferable.
  • students must arrive on time for the course failure to do so may result in students being unable to participate.
  • students will at times be required to work on each other, if this is not possible it must be made known before the course date to the tutor so a model can be arranged.


Data Protection

We are committed to preserving the privacy of our customers. We may use your personal data for administrative purposes and we may keep this information for a reasonable period.


Course Pre-requisites

Please ensure you comply with the relevant pre-requisites as detailed in the Training Prospectus.

All course materials and manuals are copy right and cannot be used for your own purposes with out our consent.

All students are required to complete case studies in order to receive their qualifications. Love beauty has the right to deny qualification to students they don’t feel can carry out the procedure required for the particular training. No refund will be given.

Love Beauty will accept no liability for lack of income post training.

All students must be 16 or over.